Fishing Dhow on Al Kaleej

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Ready Mounted Print

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As Framed Print


The prints come in 4 sizes and are ready mounted for standard 'off-the-shelf' frames or framed in a Hi-Gloss White frame with acrylic glass to museum grade:


- MICRO - Mount size is 10" x 8" and print size approx 5" x 7.75" (without title text).

- SMALL - Mount size is 40cm x 30cm and print size approx 29cm x 19cm

- MEDIUM - Mount size is 20" x 16"" and print size is approx16" x 12"

- LARGE - Mount size is 24" x 20" and print size is approx 20" x 16"

Art 5257 by Chris Slater



Old Arabia - Fishing Dhow on Al Kaleej

About this painting

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A traditional fishing boat on Al Kaleej - The Arabian Gulf. Nowhere here are the super-technology super-trawlers or drifters of Europe and Japan depleting stocks.


Al Kaleej is a shallow sea and fish caught here range from Tuna to Hammer-Head Shark with just about everything else in between, there are also Dugong 'Sea Cows' here.


I painted this scene in soft pastel on a blue-grey Canson Mi-Teintes paper, size approx 20"x 28", and the whole painting just flowed.... I did it in one long evening!


I have also produced a special night image 'folly' from this painting using digital techniques. Click here to view the page.




The Original is part of my private collection and not for sale.


If you wish to buy fine-art prints or cards of this painting then please contact me at chris@art5257.com.



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