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Ready Mounted Print

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The prints come in 4 sizes and are ready mounted for standard 'off-the-shelf' frames or framed in a Hi-Gloss White frame with acrylic glass to museum grade:


- MICRO - Mount size is 10" x 8" and print size approx 5" x 7.75" (without title text).

- SMALL - Mount size is 40cm x 30cm and print size approx 29cm x 19cm

- MEDIUM - Mount size is 20" x 16"" and print size is approx16" x 12"

- LARGE - Mount size is 24" x 20" and print size is approx 20" x 16"

Art 5257 by Chris Slater



Old Arabia - Bastakiya Art Cafe

About this painting

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There is a wonderful 'chill-out' art cafe in the heritage area of Dubai, Bastakiya. The architecture is very traditional and the tower is one of the oldest forms of air conditioning, a solar chimney.


I have sat here many times with my wife and friends, in the shade under the tree and enjoyed the biggest, freshest, tastiest salad one can imagine (tip!), drink to it another of my favourites, avocado and honey, and its a great cooling lunch.


The whole cafe is absolutely full of art of different media and form, ranging from traditional Arabic abstract to my realism, to sculpture. But when I painted this scene I decided just to paint 1 painting on the walls, this painting.

So its a painting in a painting in..........!





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