The Canal

The Canal

The Painting

Art 5257 by Chris Slater



Buckfast Abbey - The Canal

About this painting

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The canal is inside the private monastic grounds at Buckfast Abbey in Devon.


Its journey starts at the weir and ends with an efficient hydro-electric plant.

In between it is an amazing and picturesque route of bridges and plants and even some fish. The painting 'The Monastery Path' is from the bridge in the distance.


I painted the 'The Canal' using acrylic medium on 50cm x 70cm canvas from on-site work and a photograph.





The Original painting is one of a set of privately commissioned works for the Monastic Community of Benedictine Monks at Buckfast who have graciously permitted me to show the painting here on my website.


If you wish to inquire for prints of this scene, then please contact the Community. You may also go to their website by clicking here.


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