Artist Statement

Art 5257 by Chris Slater

Artist Statement

Artist's Statement

I usually paint in soft pastel or acrylic, but sometimes oil and sketching.

My style is mainly "Realism" but also "Painterly" for some scenes (The Robin and Blue Tit for example).


I consider light, tone and perspective as the key to my art and I try to give the viewer the feeling of ‘being there’, on scene.


I love people... I enjoy talking about places and my art and sometimes people give me that extra input needed to make the painting right! So please, if you see me painting – come and look and talk, it makes my day.


Chris :)


About Chris Slater

Chris was born in 1952 and grew up in the beautiful, small country village of Menheniot, Cornwall, just a 30 minute bicycle ride inland from Looe.


Whilst young he had a natural talent for painting, sketching and perspective and won many Britain-wide young artist competitions and awards via the local school for his sketches of wild birds.


Chris continued his artistic talents in higher education and has a intuitive gift of being able to visualize and paint on location.


He has travelled the Middle East and painted scenes of ‘old Arabia’ from Saudi Arabia and the UAE. He has recently been asked to paint suitable scenes for a book of poems of the desert in Arabic and English and where the scenes will reflect the poems and cover two pages where the one page has the poem in English, and the other in Arabic.


Chris has painted throughout his life, wherever he is… from Cornwall to the Middle East, and now in Devon. He can often be seen on location painting or just wandering around and visualizing for his next piece.



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